This week in real estate agents news

  • Real estate agents review the final signing to make sure no mistakes are made - Do you review your clients closing statement before the actual signing? Many things can go wrong at closing such as one of the sides changing their mind, missing items, or wrong amounts. Some agents consider attending the signing as part of their job while others don’t attend to avoid liability.

  • Using video to promote real estate listings - Real estate agents turn to video as a promotional tool to make their listings stand out. The agents are being creative with the production, hoping the videos will go viral and attract clientele through social media. The videos price tag is usually between $2k to $5k.

  • Real estate agent imprisonment - Real estate agent guilty of breaching the Estate Agents Act 1980 by misusing trust account money totalling $155,000 was sentenced to 12 months of imprisonment. The agent confessed taking the money when inspectors notified him they will come to audit his account.

  • Housing prices recovering in South Korea - Following the south korean economy growth momentum, housing prices are rising for a straight fifth month. The combination of relatively low prices and cheap borrowing is drawing buyers back after prices hit bottom last year.

  • Indiana upgrades licensing requirements - Real estate agents in Indiana are required to upgrade their liecenses to a broker level. Starting from July 1, only brokers will be able to assist consumers buy and sell houses. read more about the difference between brokers and real estate agents.

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