Optimize your website for local google searches

A real estate agent must know local real estate information about his town to be able to answer the question regarding the local area a client might have. When clients are looking to rent or buy a house in the area, they would like to know which good schools are nearby and what are they rankings, whether there are any planned local developments in the area that can affect the price.

Besides doing your homework to be ready to guide your client and being able to answer all of these questions you should also write articles about these topics and post them on your blog. With some optimizations you could come up on google for people who look for these terms in that specific local area. Also consider using a local term in your blog’s name and url.

When writing content for your blog, make sure you give advice and write about your local area. The more specific you are with localized advice you’ll be able to attract potential clients that are looking for opportunities in this area. Your content will also be ranked higher for more specific long tail search results.