How to become a real estate agent?

The process of becoming a real estate agent is similar in all states but with different requirements for each. To become a licensed agent, you will need to:

  1. take classes in a state approved school
  2. get practice at an agency
  3. take the national and state’s tests and apply for a broker license

The requirements of applying for a license differ from state to state. The minimum age for an applicant is between 18-21. Other requirements might include a criminal background check and various licensing fees.

In all states you will be required to complete a certain hours of class courses and to successfully pass the state examination test. Check the website of your state’s organization for a list of real estate approved schools and how many hours of classes you will need. The website of your state’s organization will also provide specific information for your state regarding the requirements and the process of obtaining a license.

Start contacting brokers and look for a place to get your required practice before graduating from your studies. Some agencies might require you to get more education in additional professional courses, so make sure to ask about the office requirements in advance. While getting your practice at the agency, you will get guidance and assistance from your broker with everything that involves working in the real estate field. Make sure you get as much information as possible and get experience in all the different aspects of the job. Working with an experienced broker is an excellent opportunity for you to learn about the profession and the details that make a broker successful that you might not learn with formal education.

Choosing in which brokerage to work and practice at is an important decision. You will need to take several things into consideration such as the agency’s size, which clients it works with, the reputation is has and whether the broker you will be working with will give you the time and attention to help you learn the profession. Make sure you come prepared to the interview at the agency. Research the agency by reading it’s website and online reviews and prepare a list of questions you would like to ask. You should find out about the years of experience the broker has and whether he will be able to give you the needed attention and guidance.

After you finish your education and practice you will be required to take your state and national exams. Once you pass them you can start working for a broker. When you start working, always have references ready - after every successful closed deal ask your client for an honest review of your service. Always have good relationships with your clients. Many potential clients will turn to their friends and family for recommendations for agents, so you want to leave a good impression with everyone. Also you need to have good connections and relationships with other professional who work in the real estate field such as lawyers, accountants or home inspectors. Knowing who to turn to and who you can trust can be very valuable when trying to close a deal with a client.

Before starting the journey to become a real estate agent, make sure it is the right profession for you. Read Is becoming a real estate agent right for me to learn more about what type of personality you need to be successful as a broker.